Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Today I meant to post a blog answering some questions tagged for me by fellow bloggers, but I really wanted to share this conversation I had. I shall post my original blog for today in a couple of days time.

Random: Why do you like fantasy so much?

Me: (Raises eyebrow) Why not?

Random: Seriously, why?

Me: Because...because it's exciting, and it's beautiful.

Random: But reality is exciting and beautiful.

Me: And I know that, I can see that everyday if I look hard enough. Just pop onto Google and look at the amazing stories and pictures people share. But in fantasy, all impossible things are possible. Nothing is unimaginable.

Random: Ahh...I see. Fair enough.

A little snippet of my life at university. Hope everyone is having a great start to March. One last thing before I finish, I wanted to show anyone who hadn't seen this a picture that Jo on Once Upon a Bookcase shared, and I think it is just brilliant.