Thursday, 5 July 2012

Last Few Months In Pictures

I know the blog, among other accounts, has been feeling rather neglected of late. Instead of using words to explain my absence, I thought I would use pictures to show where these few past months have taken me.

The Colour of Summer.
Spending time in London's Ice Bar.

Completing university assignments, waiting for my results - I've finally finished a year!
Visiting and feeding cool ponies.
Visiting and feeding this cutie.
Earning a penny or two here. (Picture taken from Google.)
I'm currently in the middle of  a rewrite! A complete overhaul, but hopefully it will be worth it. (Picture taken from Google.)
Using the ColorSplash App to update old photos. (This picture was taken on my 21st last year. My Mum's the lady in red. *Starts singing.*)
Spending time with my favourite couple.

Spending time at this place trying to cheer my nephew after his operation. (Picture taken from Google.)
Throwing my Mum a birthday tea part with all the trimmings!
I was taken to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Able to view sets and props like....
And this...
Able to stand on the Knight Bus with a Butterbeer....
And walk around this gigantic model of Hogwarts!!