Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Pal

I wanted to take some time today to talk about this four legged guy I knew. 

  He was medium height, with glossy black fur and dopey dark eyes that could speak a thousand words.
  He liked to pull up part of the flooring and blame me and my two legged pal Rae.
  In his old age he became partial to barking at his own shadow, howling whenever my Mum was out.
  Once during a party he fell in a pond we didn't know existed in a neighbours garden.
  He liked to lounge in the sun, curling himself up small so he could lay in the rays that streamed through our windows.
  When he realised my sister's dogs were coming to stay he hid his toys; to this day we have never found them.
  My young nephew would like to imagine he was a horse, and my pal wouldn't even lift his head when my nephew pulled on his ears to go go go.
  He was known for dressing up as a fairy.
  In his old age everyone thought him meek but my Mum had to chase him comically down a hill, bringing the traffic to a halt behind her. I waited at the top of the hill with our bags.
 Whenever you were sad he would comfort you.
 I'm quite sure he liked other boys.
 Before coming to our home he lived with an aggressive female; I think she put him off other ladies for life.
 He was gentle, he was loving.

 His name was Oscar, my old boy, and on Friday 25th November 2011 he went to sleep, forever. 

Oscar lookingvar. (His nickname).
 He had 17 fabulous years, 119 in dog years.
  Oscar, my sweet pal, thank you
I'm not quite sure what we're gonna do without you tap-tapping around here.
  I hope it's sunny enough up there for you.

Proof of his liking for wings.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tea Anyone...?

        Hi guys, *waves frantically*.

 There's no internet at my house at the moment while we switch providers, so I'm writing this from a computer at Uni. My essay sits on a word document somewhere on the screen, almost finished.

 Anyway, just wanted to pop by to see how everyone is doing? Any news I've missed?

 If you want, pull up a seat and we shall have a cuppa while we're here. Sugar? How milky?

 I'll be back soon (I hope) with something more interesting to talk about, my blog posts have been saving themselves, but for now if anyone feels like it then do pop over to Big Book Little Book's Blog. I was an entrant in their Harry Potter competition, and I spoke about my love for Book 3, The Prisoner of Azkaban.
 They are such a great blog, one of my favourite reviewers here.

 Anyhoo, I hope you all have enjoyed the catch up and tea (one day I shall get a real cup to all of you fabulous people) and have a good weekend.

Till next time, =).

Friday, 11 November 2011

Bah to Bluegh

  It's been one of those weeks, not unusual. I don't have much faith for it to get better before the end of 2011. (Bring on 2012 - as long as it is improved.)
  But I've decided not to be negative in this post, instead I'm going to list five things to be thankful/happy for. (Especially since today honours those wonderful heroes, and this is inspired by the lovely Meredith at Fairy Tales and Cappuccino. who posts 'Five Random Thoughts on a Friday.')

  1. Writing. Ok, this might be obvious but I've been thinking a lot about love this week, and writing is my love. Even if I never get anywhere, I know that I will write, it seeps out of me and I can't control it. 

  2. Thank god for reruns of Malcolm in The Middle. When I was younger I never found it funny, but this past year it has brought so much laughter to my house. It's mad, hilarious and scarily truthful. 

  3. Random messages from friends that say things like like; I miss your face; I've been thinking of you – you know what that means – *bursts into song* 'You are always on my mind...' Oh they make me laugh, and feel contented. 

  4. DOWNTON ABBEY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! Do I need to say more? Doctor Who and Downton Abbey on the same day? With good food and games? Sigh. 

  5. Quote of the week: 'She is involved in work her soul must have' – Alice Walker
    (I am getting that engraved on something, anything. Because it warms my heart.)

  I hope you've all had a good week, and you crazy NaNo folks have found it productive.
  Here's to a glorious weekend.