Friday, 2 September 2011

Forever Maggie Stiefvater

Sometimes a writer comes along and the only way to describe them is; magic. To me, and probably countless others, JK Rowling is the epitome of that, but Maggie Stievfater has her own brand of magic.

I can probably, I use probably strongly, understand why people don't like The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. However there is something about Maggie's writing that is so addictive that you don't even realise you've read forty pages. She writes with effortless beauty.

Every time I've picked up one of the three books I've been ill, but they have been the perfect escapism for me. Shiver introduced to me a great love story, Linger added more drama and depth and two more great characters.

Throughout each book I've been able to dive into these characters who are perfectly moulded, flaws and all. I think all the characters are great, in their own non-functional, broken way. They managed to find respect and love for each other, even though really they are opposites, and find a way to work together and attempt to get through the drama facing them all.

Nothing much in the way of action occurs in the series, except for me it doesn't feel so when you are reading it. Yes it's about two people fighting hard to be together, however it's also about human emotions. The book explores how we deal with grief and strive. How it can be hard to find the power to say yes to life, but when you do, you realise it's brilliant. And I will say that Maggie never loses the humour that most of us need to make it through a day.

There's a great scene in Forever between Cole, Sam and Grace and a raccoon. It seriously amused me so much I had to read it again. I love how all of Maggie's books do that, make you laugh without even realising it.

I love this series, for many reasons that I sometimes find it hard to explain. Even when I finished Forever, I read through the author's note and acknowledgements and just stared at the cover, wondering how these books had taken a hold on my heart.

I love Maggie's Lament & Ballad. I thought I loved Lament more, but I have to love James in Ballad. I feel as though I can identify with parts of his traits and personality, he is such an extraordinary character. One that still lingers in my mind even months after reading the books.

I am not only looking forward to Maggie's upcoming novel, The Scorpio Races, but I am extremely excited to read anything that comes from her next. I'm ready to devour it all.

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