Monday, 12 September 2011

Hello Monday....Now Decisions

Hope all have had a good weekend, and took some time for remembrance yesterday (I read through Meg Cabot's blog, but warning it will make you cry.)

Mine has been rather lovely.

On Saturday night I held a quiz night for some friends, I was the master of proceedings. I had rounds such as taste test, memory games, name the song/artist/film with music clips and some local and general knowledge. My friends/contestants seemed to enjoy themselves.

Then last night I stayed in, experimented by making a beef&sausage red wine pie. My Mum said she really enjoyed, now that is a compliment. And then we caught up on Saturday night tele.

I spent most of Friday prepping for the quiz (actually I've been gathering questions and such since the last one I held a while back) then I was going to spend the Saturday morning/afternoon finishing it off. Unfortunately that didn't happen, which isn't unusual.

I slept in late Saturday, due to being up to some ridiculous hour listening to One Day (which is really making my laugh). Then I had to pop out to get some shopping, and while I was pushing the trolley around I had an idea for a short story.

When I got home I quickly set about writing this story, thinking it would be quick or I would just write down the idea. I ended up writing over 4000 words, and finishing the questions after some of the first of my gang arrived at my house.

This isn't particularly unusual, I often find words distracting me. I can't help it, and it's a reason I am in love with writing.

In other news I have started reading Across The Universe by Beth Revis. The first few pages stirred some pretty big emotions in me, so I am hoping for good things from the rest. It's something that feels a bit different to other stuff I've read.

I also am going to be spending this week getting ready for a weekend away with some of my girls, it is a late 21st birthday present. We are off to a holiday park to stay in a caravan, and I am really excited to get away. Although a bit sad to be leaving my Mum home alone. I've asked my dog to take good care of her.

Now I am going to spend this week agonising over what to pack, I've been told I'm not allowed to pack alone. If I could I would probably take my whole bedroom away! I always pack for the what ifs. And I always have to take a few essentials like one of my beds cushions, at least one notebook and a game.

However the biggest decision I've got is what book to take with me. (I am defiantly going to take 2 just in case, if it gets good nothing will stop me finishing it.)

I am probably going to finish Across the Universe before the weeks out, so am leaning towards starting The Iron Fey books, and maybe Divergent. But I do really want to read Case Histories, or maybe Unearthly or even The Help or this other humongous fantasy I've got.

This could take me a while to decide, the option is so unbelievably varied. (And no need to worry about what notebook, the girls have promised to buy me a special one when we're down there - now that's love.)


  1. Across the Universe is on my list - looking forward to it. Ironically, I just posted my reading list today on my blog. Happy Monday!

  2. Your getaway sounds like fun. Enjoy it! Across the Universe was a good read, a bit scary to think of the dilemma. Have a great week!

  3. I think I'll read One Day next. It seems pretty popular :)