Sunday, 21 August 2011

Flash Fiction In: 6 Words

After a long day of revising and editing my novel, I was glad to take some light relief in a version of storytelling I have recently discovered.

6 word stories.

A previous Figment post I read reminded me of something I learnt in a class a couple years ago, the power of few words.
A famous example of this (as said in the above figment post) is one by Hemingway, who described it as his best work. Or so I've read.

For Sale: baby shows, never worn.

I think it’s so poignant, and I've never felt so affected reading something so little.
So feeling inspired, I set out writing my own selection of bite-sized stories. An example of one is:

My love, my life, my loss.

I won't go as far, like Hemingway, to say that it's my best work, however I am rather proud of my small stories. I found them thoroughly enjoyable to write, and I hope, if you to do take time to follow the link above, you enjoy reading them just as much.

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