Sunday, 28 August 2011

Romantic Fools

I am a huge fan of romance, be it depicted in a book, TV show, film or ballad. I love to witness two people fall in love, adore it when they make me laugh and like it even more when they make me cry.

On Friday I went to watch One Day, and I am yet to read the book, but I plan to do very soon. I know there's been some criticism over the film, and concerning Anne Hathaway’s accent I'd have to agree (which hurts me to say because I love her) however overall

the film was beautiful, the supporting cast was fantastic, and I left the cinema with the urge to still cry. So after falling in love with Jim Sturgess, and the film, I thought I'd share some of my favourite (and not so favourite) films whose main ingredient is love.

My absolute epitome of a romance probably would have to be 'Becoming Jane'. (And it's not just because it stars the most wonderful James McAvoy).

It has such a tragic, yet beautiful love story. Not mention a brilliant supporting cast. There are so many lines from it that I could quote that make me feel a hundred things at once. It is one of those stories that I had to share with my friends, and make them suffer by spending twenty minutes crying with me.

One of my favourite screenwriters, for writing romance fuelled with laughter, is Richard Curtis. Not only is he the man behind Vicar of Dibley (seriously I could quote whole scenes) my joint favourite TV show, tied with Doctor Who, but he is also the force for some of the most popular romantic comedies.
Nothing Hill has to be a classic, and everyone loves a young, typically English Hugh Grant. It brings together two polar opposites, and shows how easy common ground can be found to form a strong friendship and love. It also has a stellar supporting cast; I am a big fan of the ensemble who makes a film.
And then of course there's Love Actually (do I even need to mention the cast in that?). I love films that interlink the lives of many characters, it makes you feel as though, yes this is the real world. (I also am a fan of Valentines Day, He's Just Not That Into You and am looking forward to the upcoming New Years Eve)
Richard Curtis is a man who makes heart-warming, belly laughing funny, tender films and TV shows that you want to watch again and again.

I really enjoy watching films containing the wickedly talented Sandra Bullock. I will admit that Blind Side has to be some of her best work, but I have to love Miss Congeniality, The Proposal, While You Were Sleeping, Two Weeks Notice (which happened to be my Dad's favourite chick flick). She has this vulnerability about her, and has brilliant comic timing that no one can dispute. She makes those films that you love to watch because she makes you laugh, and is so endearing that it lights up your screen.

I also have to mention the many period romances I love. The Young Victoria stars the superbly talented Emily Blunt, and is about my favourite royal couple (although Wills and Kate may be challenging that). It is a stunning film that I love to watch over and over again.
The Duchess is one of those films that took me some time to watch, I couldn't sleep one night and decided that it was a good time to play it. It had me wide-awake, sobbing into my pillow. Plus it has the delectable Dominic Cooper as one of it's stars. What a man.
I love adaptations of Austen and Bronte novels; I try to watch as many versions as I can. I love the Mansfield Park with Billie Piper, perhaps just for that adorable scene at the end. I do have to favour the Pride and Prejudice starring Keria Knightly. For one main reason, the man who the voice who makes me swoon, Matthew Macfadyen. I love it when the M&S adverts come on my television.
I also really like the Emma versions with Kate Beckinsale, and Romola Garai. Jane Eyre with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens, also really really excited about the latest version with Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender.
And I have to mention the Tess of the D'Urbervilles with Gemma Arterton. I know it’s not a film, but it's bloody fantastic. (I watched this for free on youtube before buying the DVD, so go find it.)

I can't finish without mentioning the absolutely divine, break my heart but make me want to do it again, Shakespeare In Love.
During my first viewing of this, it was interrupted by my sister and brother walking in drunk. To say I was not amused would be an understatement.
This came out during the start of my love for William Shakespeare. It is beyond any other words I have.
And I am going to do it one more time, the cast!!! The film is silled with some of the greatest actors the world has to offer. And Geoffrey Rush is one of the finest, just look as his catalouge.
This was my Becoming Jane, before I knew James McAvoy and watched him as Tom LeFroy. This is one of my romantic classics.

Now I would discuss romance in animation films, i.e. Disney etc, but you will be here all night (and plus I have planned blog about my love for animation films).
Also while writing this I did think about the many wonderful books I have read containing romance, and let's face it-that's pretty much all books I read) so tomorrow I will have a blog devoted to romance in books.

Aww love, look at what you do to me.


  1. I love all your choices! Love Actually, the Proposal, Becoming Jane (who signed it by the way?) and ESPECIALLY Shakespeare in Love (I have so much love for Joseph Fiennes).

  2. Thank you very muchly, I felt like there were so many that I forgot to mention, but these have to be the top ones.
    Mr McAvoy signed it when I met him after a performance of 'Three Days of Rain'. He is just divine.
    I am so with there for the love for Joseph Fiennes, and him as Shakespeare? Wow.